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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Media Bias

Again, this one too is in favour of "Israel" and other enemies of Lebanon (need I name them? No, I shall not; I will leave that to individuals' tastes).

Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz immediately (both at 6:03 pm ) reported on the explosion, even before Al Jazeera (I wonder how that works... Do the two "Israeli" newspapers have reporters or offices in Lebanon? Or perhaps they publish information provided to them by "unnamed sources"?)

Even more disturbing is how these people (add BBC to the list) used this sick assassination attempt to advance their anti-Syrian propaganda.

Jerusalem Post puts it this way:

"A prominent journalist working for an anti-Syrian television station was seriously wounded Sunday when a bomb placed under her car exploded, Lebanese security officials said."


"The explosion recalls a similar one on June 2, when anti-Syrian journalist Samir Kassir was killed by a bomb placed under the seat of his car."

(How about the explosion reminding us of similar bombs planted by "Israeli" pure-of-arms "defense" forces in Beirut, or ones planted by "Israel's" proxy militias with the explosives provided by none other than the pure-of-arms "Israelis"?)

And lest we forget, Jerusalem Post concludes this "journalistic" report with the following reminder:

LBC, a Christian TV station, is among the most prominent of anti-Syrian media outlets."

I see, I see. We have the verdict before trying the suspect. Must be fun. Reminds me of the first rain (sic) in Gaza... And lest we forget, calibrating weapons by firing them on Gaza is, indeed, one of the "
usual practice[s] of refraining from harming civilians." Orwell is turning in his grave.

1. they are stating the facts, LBC is anti-syrian.
2. May is anti-syrian.
3. she received threats on her life from pro-syrians (refer to VDL interview)
4. apart from BBC, the news sources you mentioned are israeli, would you expect them to accuse israel
5. what does your common sense tell you? you really think the syrians didn't do it? the castle of arabism can't go that low can it? :)

cheers mate.
1. Why exactly do they need to state a fact more than once?

2. And? Unless you're going to use that to arrive to a conclusion (i.e. that the Syrians/pro-Syrians were behind the assassination attempt), this claim (or "fact" as you like to call your claims) is irrelevant.

3. So if she IS indeed #2, why should anyone believe what an anti-Syrian says about receiving threats from... pro-Syrians?

4. No, I also mentioned Al Jazeera. In other words - if you're that thick-skulled, 2 Jewish and 2 goyim sources (since you see the world only in terms of Jewish/goyim ) .

5. My common sense tells me that it could be just about anyone. Unlike your common sense (sic), my common sense does not lead me to conclusions the second a bomb explodes. That May Chidiac was anti-Syrian does not - I repeat, does NOT - prove that the Syrians or pro-Syrians were behind the assassination attempt. It's possible that they did it, but I don't dismiss other possibilities (including Lebanese and other Arab sides - there is no united Arab stand, in case you were clueless....)...
Ohh, a scientific mind we have here !!
BTW, jewish does not = Israeli dear marsden, unless you do not believe in the existence of Israel, then you should call it zionist, unless (again) you are an SSNP member, then you're off the hook.
jewish does not = Israeli
Perhaps, but "Israeli" means Jewish. At least for 99.99% of Jews. If you're not a Jew in "Israel", you're not "Israeli" per se. You're only a "citizen of Israel". That is why we hear time and time again "Israelis" vs Arab "Israelis" (and not Jewish "Israelis" vs Arab/Muslim "Israelis") and "Israelis" vs Arab citizens of "Israel".
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