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Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Some war crimes" and selective HUMANity (Jew-only)

On "Israel's" relations with "black African countries that were in the process of gaining independence from colonial rule", Avi Shlaim, supposedly the scholar of the "left", writes:

"The fact that Israel was a small and young state, untainted by the brush of colonialism, made it more acceptable to other Third World countries." (The Iron Wall, p. 197)

Mr. Shlaim, the darling of "Israelis" who claim they are leftists (note the difference between claiming one is a leftist and actually being one; not that I am particularly fond of such vague divisions as "leftist" and "rightist"..) believes that "Israel" has not been tainted by the brush of colonialism. Well, he could be right. After all, if the coloniser is the colonised then the coloniser is not really a coloniser... Well, let's give Mr. Shlaim the benefit of the doubt, shall we? Let us suppose that his statement was of an innocent nature rather than a revisionist one.

Then Mr. Shlaim applies simple "Israeli" logic (sic) to the history of other countries in the region (as written by the revisionist "Israeli" scholars [sic]), and comes up with this impressive sentence:

"Israel's links with the Maronite community [of Lebanon] stretched back to the pre-Independence period, and after independence Israel continued to encourage the trend toward Christian separatism and Christian hegemony in Lebanon." (The Iron Wall, p. 342)

Wait wait, wait! Did I read that right? Israel existed before Lebanon's independence? And continued to encourage separatism after Lebanon gained its independence? According to Lebanese records and general knowledge, Lebanon gained independence in... 1943. That's some 4 and a half years before there was even the term "State of Israel"... Surely Mr. Shlaim knows what the hell he's talking about? After all, he's the "Israeli" left's (sic) darling historian (sic).... But no, that's not all. There is still some more. Ready? Read on...

Apparently some war crimes are despicable, inhumane, immoral, and others are... well, "some war crimes". Or so says Mr. Shlaim:

"This was not one of the IDF's more effective military engagements. Most of the PLO fighters fled to the north and the civilian population bore the brunt of the Israeli invasion. Villages were destroyed, some war crimes were committed, and thousands of peaceful citizens fled in panic from their homes." (The Iron Wall, p. 370)

Right, some war crimes were committed... now can we move on? It's high time the past be put behind us... (but surely not the [one and only] Holocaust) Brilliant, Mr. Shlaim. Absolutely brilliant. And of course, cheers to the "Israeli" left (sic)!

Of course, Mr. Shlaim feels that he shouldn't end it then and there. Oh no, he has to go on and insert the mother of all statements:

"Begin did have a spark of conscience and humanity in him, at least when it came to Jewish lives, and the burden of guilt finally overcame him." (The Iron Wall, p. 419)

Pray, Mr. Shlaim, would you be so kind as to tell me how you arrived to the impressive idea that one can have humanity in them, but not towards all human beings.... only towards... Jews. Should that not be called "Jewanity" (or something of the sort, I admit I am not as creative as your superior [oh yes, I am one of the goyim] Jewish kind when it comes to naming and terminology)?

Mr. Shlaim then notes, at the beginning of his 4-page "Operation Grapes of Wrath 101" (in which the author did not condemn - in any way or to any extent, however tiny - the Qana massacre perpetrated against Lebanese civilians. He only writes that "[t]he unwritten rules brokered by the United States in July 1993 stipulated that Hizbullah would not launch missiles into Israel and that Israel would not strike civilian target beyond its security zone." (The Iron Wall, 559).

Of course, Mr. Shlaim makes no Chomsky-esque sarcastic remarks about the ironic statement that "Israel" would not strike civilian targets. Wait, someone has apparently forgotten about the Geneva Conventions.... Who might that be, I wonder? Any chance it's the so-called non-existent "Israeli" left, with the leadership of such "historians" (aka revisionists in "Israeli" dictionaries) as Avi Shlaim?

Oh, and Mr. Shlaim, will you please be kind enough to read up on the difference between the word "Islamic" and "Islamist"? Thanks.

The Israeli left is pathetic and i do not trust them, they are weak on the questin of Jewish colonialism, they accept the colonialist and aparthied state instead of fighting against it, now i'm not saying there isn't any good hearted and sincere Israelis who want real peace but peace has to be on the Palestinians terms not on the jewish colonizers term. The Israeli left is useful and helpful sometimes because they expose the Israeli state and it is easier to convince others about Israeli apartheid and colonialism when it comes from the mouths of one of them but in reality they are irrelevant to Palestinian liberation and the Palestinians should not put faith in them because they cannot be trusted.
I agree with both of you. There is really no Israeli left to speak of, just some whose racism is slightly less horrifying because they recognise it is there and know it is bad and should in some way be overcome. Yet, on the other hand, they are useful in presenting some perspectives that otherwise would be totally ignored by the general public.

I have gotten in more arguments with the Anti Zionist and the Israeli left than with almost anyone else, and this is because they think I am not pragmatic and that my views are too radical.

Great blog Dan. Keep it going.
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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