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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blogging the Middle East

My friend (well, best friend, it's almost as if we're shadows of each other), who wishes to be identified only as "Freedom", has started a blog. The bad part is that it's not on blogger. The good part is that it's not as controversial and extremist as mine. ;) Anyway, just thought I'd do my bit and advertise the blog. Feel free to pass on the link, I suppose. She has a *gasp* moderate take on the Muhammad cartoons. Anyway, not to spoil the fun, go read it.

As for me, I'm sorry, I keep saying I will update the blog but I get lazy. I think it's in the air or something. Or maybe it's the water. I don't know. Maybe being stoned is a prerequisite for blogging the Middle East.

the blog content isn't bad. It's the links to all kinds of settlers that really turned me off.

One of her links even wished for my death (that I be run under with a bulldozer in the Middle East). Maybe you should talk to her about these sites....

what link?



she has settler links?????!?!?!??!?!
the link was Treppenwitz.

She has many links to settlers, a great deal of them.
I'm wondering about the state of comic strips in the arab world today. Do comic artists operate under the same repressive conditions as journalists? Can cartoonists get away with things that journalists can't? Do cartoons critcize home governments or are they focused on Israel and the U.S.?
Blogging is so enriching and inspiring. I hope your friend makes good use of this wonderful tool of expression!

This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News
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