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Sunday, February 05, 2006

In support of freedom of speech

Visit this blog (brought to you by the Arab European League) and see it all for yourself. Let's see if those "conservative" Danes who published those cartoons will come out and express their solidarity for "freedom of speech"! About time someone exposed the hypocrisy of the West.

The following explanation was made available on the Arab European League website:
After the lectures that Arabs and Muslims received from Europeans on Freedom of Speech and on Tolerance. And after that many European newspapers republished the Danish cartoons on the Prophet Mohammed. AEL decided to enter the cartoon business and to use our right to artistic expression.

Just like the newspapers in Europe claim that they only want to defend the freedom of speech and do not desire to stigmatise Muslims, we also do stress that our cartoons are not meant as an offence to anybody and ought not to be taken as a statement against any group, community or historical fact.

If it is the time to break Taboos and cross all the red lines, we certainly do not want to stay behind.

don't you think these cartoons referenced to in your post are a STRONGER and better way than burning buildings?
Perhaps, but it will be passed off as "yet another day in Muslim anti-Semitism". The world finds it wrong when cartoons insult Jews but it doesn't when they insult Muslims. So using cartoons to demonstrate the point would make little if any difference, really.

Now we'll see if the Danes will print any such cartoons again. Ever.
Wow, this Arab European League is a really childish bunch, it seems. But hey, if drawing insulting cartoons is what keeps them from torching embassies and killing people...

I also note that there is no Danish or Israeli mob trying to torch any embassies. So what's their goddamn point?
Still full of shit Dan? Shalom.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
mock Islam...
I think you might be interested in this...
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