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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Israeli Journalism

I am officially done with my first semester of graduate school, and so I can now take a deep breath and dedicate some time to making some observations about the Middle East (never really stopped doing that, only that I didn't do it online). But first I must apologize for the mysterious silence (just going through some rough financial and personal problems). Anyhow, I have taken a keen interest in Islam lately, and I might end up converting one of these days. And that's all I will say on the personal front.

The Palestinian elections are interesting to say the least. I was actually hoping for a Hamas win, because the Palestinians deserve accountability after years of corruption that they have suffered from. And it seems that they made the right choice, at least when it comes to internal politics. As for external politics (and relations with Israel), people have been marketing the Hamas win as a tragic ending, but allow me to ask, what has Fatah done so far?? What has Mahmoud Abbas done so far?? Except for maintaining the status quo, that is, under the guise of "sitting at the negotiations table"? Moreover, why is a Likud win hailed as democratic elections while a Hamas one is not, having in mind that Likud has had a history of racism, hatred, and mass murder (note: not that Labour does not have such a history as well!)? I forget, Israelis are supposed to be democracy-loving while those backwards Arabs and Muslims only understand the language of violence... And I will not even attempt to demolish the American position because it's not worth my time, really. Maybe when the U.S adopts a position more worthwhile to be talked about I will consider discussing it.

Moving on, I have been following Israeli reports of the Qassam attack that hit a caravan in a kibbutz, supposedly causing critical injuries to a 7-month-old baby boy. Well, after reading that report (on all three major Israeli news websites, Ha'aretz, JPost, and Yediot Achronot) I got curious so I ran a search on Yahoo News Photos, and here's what I found. Here's the picture of the baby in a "critical" condition:

Osher Amar

I suppose the Israeli definition of "critical injuries" excludes life-threatening condition, blood, and loss of consciousness, and includes crying and absence of visible injuries... JPost was kind enough to publish my criticism of the wording in the talkbacks; unsurprisingly, there were calls for censorship, because apparently any criticism of false reporting (in favour of the poor, oppressed, persecuted Israelis) is ... anti-Semitic. There was also someone who actually wondered what difference terminology (critical /moderate / light) made... You can experience the glory of idiocy first-hand by clicking here. And where's MEMRI when you need it??

Update: I just got banned from the Harirists' forum for being "unsecular". I kid you not. That was the message I received from the administrator before I got banned. Perhaps Mr. Administrator would like to check out the LF-ers on the forum who are defending the crusaders. Not to mention that more than half of the people at the "demonstration" today were Harirists... Mr. Administrator might also like to check out how hypocritical he is when he seems to be justifying the cartoons by pointing to "freedom of speech". I call on people to respect and practice freedom of speech! But shhh, don't tell anyone, I neither believe in it nor practice it.

very interesting post! glad to see some movement back on one of my fave blogs!

and hope your problems iron out in the best possible way.
Hey Dan, whats up brother, i hope everything is good with you, i'm happy to see you posting and updating this great blog, i will do my best.

Screw the Hariri idiots, they also banned me from the forum, guess why, becuase i was a Sunni who didn't kiss Hariri ass, because i gave them the perspective of many Sunnis who do not trust Hariri and do not want to be his dogs. They have the LF on their all day, their forum is a joke anyway, but they couldn't stand me criticizing FM alliance with LF and other things as well. Peace brother.
Thanks cutter. :)

Intifada: hey dude! Haven't seen you for the longest time! What's up? Actually the tayyar forum isn't any better either. They're all tyrants.

I will try to post as much as possible. I am free for another week or two, and I want to change the template/style. Well anyway, I hope to see you post more here. :)

What do you think of the Hezb-Aoun thing going on? I think I will write about it tomorrow.
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