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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Dear all,

Just a brief message to let you all know what's been going on. I'm not Dan, I'm his friend. Updating the blog on his behalf. He has occasional access to my laptop and the internet but he doesn't feel inclined to blog atm. He's at a hospital in the south, and is recovering from the moderate injuries he sustained in the fighting there. Must also add that he now has an amazing wife, A., and their first baby is on the way. :) He had been living in Srifa for some time, and he and his wife were planning on buying a plot and building a house. That will have to wait, but thank goodness the storm has been weathered. I will leave the rest to him, hopefully soon he will give in to my nagging and accept to post though I understand he wants to focus on his health & family for the time being. :)

You may direct your inquiries to me at written_on_the_wall at hotmail dot com.

Hello, I am an editor for a Japanese magazine called art yard. It's an independent, free magazine and we generally cover music and art. I am very interested in Dan's blog and I was wondering if we could print excerpts of it in our magazine.
Please email me at ocoon@velvetfloyd.com

Parev to Dan via his friend,

Congradulations on your marriage and your soon to be fatherhood! I am discouraged to read that you have been injured, but am celebrating your resistance : get better soon ! Thank you for holding it down. I celebrate your and others courage and resistance against the invaders! Abris!!

in solidarity
My best wishes to Dan and all others injured in this brutal conflict.
I'm visiting all the bloggers I can to ask them to visit and post comments on http://emspeace.blogspot.com/

I know that such an idea may seem ludicrous to you at the moment, since you are very much at the sharp end of things, but maintaining a dialogue is one of the few things we can do to help. If the aggressors of the region and their sponsors will not work for a meaningful peace then it falls to the people, on all sides, to do what they can.

The blog will explain itself better than I can. Come visit,
read and see what you think - no pressure. I post there as
Chas, together with Lirun an Israeli and Loli, a Lebanese.

We are trying to broaden and deepen the input of ideas
into our site, in the quest for peace in the region.
To that end we welcome vigorous debate from differing
perspectives. I believe that your input would be of particular value.

We hope that, from such a debate, a consensus and a
workable plan for peace will emerge.

Please help. It won't cost you anything and some of our
posts are quite good.


So Dan is indeed 'finding himself', albeit on a manner he was not expecting. I feel very pleased for him, I did have a minor verbal joust with him awhile ago on this blog, and I did emerge with the impression he was a decent guy to start with.

May he live long and prosper.
Wishing the best to Dan and his family. Like everyone else, I hope his health is on the mend, and that everything else works out. I've missed his old style posting, and when he comes back, it will be a welcome thing!
Married- He was as ass bandit when I knew him -
When I knew him he was not only gay, but completely aginst the entire concept of marriage. But what do you expect from a childish little hypocrite like Dan?
Ha Ha! I knew you'd change your virews on marriage sooner or later. PS. Get well soon Dan

Why do I just KNOW that this is all phony-baloney drivel being typed by Dan himself from the computer center of some Toronto mental hospital...most likely following a pathetic attempt at suicide to get back at Mommy dearest.
Dan...you really do need help, please listen to the Doctors and try to cooperate in your treatment.

PS- is the "Marriage' and 'child on the way' an attempt to get back in Mommy's good graces...or was the 'homosexuality' simply a way to anger her?
Guys/girls (the last 4 comments), please show some respect. Whatever your feelings are towards Dan, it is inappropriate to go about doing what you are doing here. I understand Dan has more enemies than friends, but as I said, airing personal laundry is not the right way to go about it. If you have any problems/issues/questions please contact me at my e-mail. I wish that you would be more sensitive towards what Dan is going through in these very difficult times, however much you despise him.

Hey... is there any news on Dan? I hope he and his extended family are well.

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It was so nice of you to let the readers know about your friend's news and wherabouts. I hope Dan is doing great now!

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